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OPEN to all startups: CX Guide for Startups
December 7, 2022
12:00 PM ET
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Hello Community Members! My name is Michaela & I manage VC Partnerships for Zendesk. On Dec. 07 I am hosting a Customer Experience / Customer Service webinar for startups. I wanted to open this up to any startups in the portfolios of VC Platform Community members. This webinar will be a great learning opportunity for startups that are actively building out or formalizing their Customer Service / Customer Engagement strategies, & looking for guidance. Please note that this is NOT a Zendesk sales-pitch. This ~40 minute webinar (followed by Q&A) will cover the following: - The latest trends we are seeing in CX: here we will cover the results of a global survey spanning: 4.6K business respondents covering 21 countries & 3.5K current Zendesk customers, & benchmarked global product data usage from more than 97.5K companies - How to develop a winning CX strategy - Best CX Metrics to be tracking Please feel free to share this opportunity with your startups. They can register with the link below. It's best geared towards early-stage startups, but can also be relevant to more mature companies, as we will cover how customer exceptions have evolved over the last few years (especially coming out of covid). Following the presentation, I will be happy to share our content with webinar participants. Please email me with any questions:
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