Meet the VC Platform Global Community Board

The VC Platform Global Community is a peer-led community that is maintained by a dedicated group of volunteer board members who ensure the community continues to grow and support the interests of all members.  The board play different roles throughout the year including organizing the community’s annual summit, managing the annual compensation survey and monitoring all new member applications.

We are eternally grateful to this dedicated group of individuals who represent leading venture firms across the globe and spend their nights and weekends dedicated to building this community.
Founders and Former Community Board Members
This community was initially formed in 2013 by some of the earliest Platform leaders in the VC world.  It all started with a few people getting together for breakfast periodically and has now grown into this global community of hundreds of people leading platform efforts at their firms.  The community would not be possible if not for some of these incredible individuals who helped launch the idea of this group and dedicated time and energy to ensuring that it was a valuable resource to their peers.