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The VC Platform Global Community is an invite-only community set up to be a peer-learning vehicle for those who actively work in VC and are in charge of growing, supporting, and creating communities for their firm’s portfolio companies.  The community has carefully grown to enable each other and now also conducts an annual summit where VC Platform Leaders (platform team members or those in charge of “value add” services) come together to share ideas.

Isabella Rich
Our Innovation Fund
Kaylan Alderson
Optum Ventures
Daneal Charney
Gal Avital
M12, Microsoft's Venture Fund
Furuzonfar Zehni
Fresco Capital
Rachel Ng
Wavemaker Partners
Hayden Taylor
Madison Wright
Real Ventures
Georgie Hazell
Augmentum Fintech plc
Sarah Bazal
Investment Accelerator Fund
Joanna Trojańska
Innovation Nest
Kevin Berardinelli
Point72 Ventures
Mackenzie Regent
Notation Capital
Mia Merrill
Sabrine Lowy
Mindset Ventures
Nalanie Nath
Insight Venture Partners
David Carter
Sapphire Ventures
Stefan Dienstag
Claire Crowther
Underscore VC
Meghan Moreland
B Capital Group
Heather Doshay
Eric Rosenbower
B Capital Group
Thanh Nguyen
Winklevoss Capital
Ripley Hartmeyer
Canvas Ventures
Tammy Han
Emergence Capital
Abigail A Snodgrass
Hilaire le Gouellec de Schwarz
Maria Salamanca
Unshackled Ventures
Crystal Guerrero
Nell Hardie
Blackbird Ventures
Karen Zelnick
Kickstart Seed Fund
Yusuf Ghani
Foundation Capital
Alyssa Wren
Anthos Capital
Rebecca Price
Primary Ventures
Tracy Van Grack
Gisele Karekezi
Luge Capital
Guy Vidra
Collaborative Fund
Tessa Chen
Vertex Ventures US
Roberto Iervolino
Barrett Parkman
Goodwater Capital
Anna Koponen
Cynthia van Sundert
BDC Capital
Graham Smith
What If Ventures
Nika Longo
Listen Ventures
Abigail Hunter-Syed
LDV Capital
Erin Anderson Scott
Michelle Ryan
Heartwood Partners
Jordan Weiss
Plus Capital
Bonnie Chau
BCF Ventures
Jeannette Torres
Greenspring Associates